music recs
My iPod desperately needs some new music. I feel like I've been listening to the same stuff for years!
I've got like 15Gb of free space than needs to be filled with some awesome bands/singers!
So, it would be nice if you post your favorites?
The music I like/have:Collapse )
2 things: I'm not a fan of female vocalists (there can be some exceptions: e.g. Santogold, the Tings Tings, Kills are awesome), and - please - no pop music!
Gonna put this post on top later, so some random visitors can/should comment too!

I'm currently moving my account. I'm keeping this one for fanart only. I'm not sure whether I'm gonna post here though.
I'm not going to keep everyone, sorry. I'd rather have 10 friends, who actually read me, than 170, who don't give a fuck. I'll give you my new name if I'm keeping you :) (it's so awesome, btw! pilotspeed, TYSM, BB!

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